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“My passion is in helping others reach their personal and business goals through the design and development of functional, pixel perfect web solutions.”


My name is Dwayne Avery and I am a graduate of Moraine Park Technical College in West Bend, WI. In May 2014, I received my degree in IT-Web Design/Web Development. My skill set includes a broad undestanding of creating web design layouts using the Adobe Creative Suite as well as coding and developing web solutions with web compliant languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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Check out my nonprofit sample web layout

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Web Design and Implementation Website

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JQuery Mobile Sample App Project.

For best results, view on IPhone or Safari browser. Safari browser page should be minimized to a mobile size screen for best viewing results.

Check out some of my front end development work on Codepen.io.

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Web Design Process

Although each project is unique in its scope and complexity, a thorough web design process goes a long way in ensuring a project's success.


The discovery phase encompasses gathering all the content necessary for any web design project. A key step in this process is defining the client's brand and business goals so that the web project will reflect the needs of the intended audience. This phase also includes content gathering and the technical visual design aspects for the project.


It's time to start the engine! The execution phase is where all the detailed planning work from the first stage comes to the forefront. Goal setting is crucial to ensure that a project stays on track and that is completed on schedule.


The launch phase represents the final process that needs to be completed before a web design project is released. It is important in this step to that there is sufficient user testing on multiple platforms to ensure a great user experience for potential clients and customers. Analytical tracking is also useful in helping the customer see if indeed the project is meeting pre-project expectations.